Drink Carrier – Free Crochet Pattern

Crocheted Drink Carrier – Free Pattern:
Free Crochet Pattern - wonkywonderful.com

Not only am I a Rookie Blogger, but I am also new to the fiber arts.  I learned how to crochet about four months ago thanks to crochet blogs and YouTube tutorials. At first I practiced using free patterns that generous bloggers posted on their sites (Thanks Generous Bloggers!).  Then I began crocheting free-hand while keeping track of my own patterns.This is the first time I have written and revised a crochet pattern for others to use.  Unfortunately I do not have anyone to test my patterns … So hopefully it is easy to follow and written correctly.

If you do come across any errors or need clarification please comment or email me, I certainly appreciate any feedback for pattern improvements.

So, without further ado (Drums Please!) … My First Crochet Pattern

 Crocheted Drink Holder with Carrier Strap
(It’s harder to say than it is to make)
Free Crochet Pattern - wonkywonderful.com

I used Bernat Satin Yarn in the Maitai and Foliage colors
5mm (H) hookI worked (dc) double crochets in spirals – without joining at the end of roundsBegin using foliage green yarn-

Chain 2

10 dc in second chain from hook
*insert stitch marker*

2 dc in each stitch around

1 dc in next stitch, 2 dc in next stitch – repeat around

1 dc in next 2 stitches, 2 dc in next stitch – repeat around

*change color to maitai pink*

There are no more increase rounds

Next 14 rounds: work 1 dc in each stitch

Scalloped Border:

Skip first stitch
7 dc in next stitch
Skip 2 stitches
Slip stitch into next stitch

Repeat above instructions until end of round – Fasten Off

Simple Strap:

Chain 100 (150 for adult length)
Skip first stitch
Dc in each stitch until end of row
Fasten Off – leave a 12 inch tail
Attach strap to carrier using the tail and yarn needle

Attach black buttons or add black stitches for the watermelon seeds

This pattern should work for any standard size reusable drink container





I made this drink carrier for my daughter to use during our annual Crawdad Festival trip.

I thought using the watermelon colors and attaching black buttons for the seeds was very Cheerful and Summery … perfect for an outside festival.

My little Birdie was very happy with it, as you can see in the picture.

Thanks for visiting and checking out my first crochet pattern.  If you have suggestions or questions feel free to contact me at wonkywonderful@gmail.com.



  1. So Cute! I am pretty new to crochet myself, but I would love to try this! Thanks!

  2. Peggy says:

    How did you do the black stitches and be able to hide your yarn tails?

    • Nicole Harris says:

      Hi Peggy! When I attached the black buttons for the ‘watermelon seeds’ I just trimmed the ends short. They are still visible on the inside. But the outside of the drink carrier should look fine. Hope that helps. Have a wonderful week 🙂

  3. Donna Messner says:

    Insert stitch marker what is it?

    • Nicole Harris says:

      Hi Donna! A stitch marker can be used to keep track of stitches and rounds. You can buy them in the yarn section of a craft store. Or, I use a bobby pin as a stitch marker.

  4. patykboom says:

    Hi Donna, I love this cozy, howhever I´m gonna change it up a little bit and make a Remote Control HangBag Kinda, Lol. I have a question, I am a crochet novice, plus my main language is spanish, so I dont quite get…how many chains do you do at the beginning, before doing the 10 dc in chan 2 from hook?.

    I hope I explained myself @_@. Thx !!

    • Nicole Harris says:

      Hi Patykboom! You just need to chain 2 before beginning the dc’s. Have a great day!

  5. Linda L. says:

    Thanks, Nicole – I found you on Craft Foxes. Not many people get their first-ever pattern featured on another site!! Congratulations on that!
    I’m going to make this for my watermelon-loving daughter to take her drink on bike rides and to events. She’ll love it.

  6. Shokora says:

    Hi Nicole, my girl requested me to crochet her a water bottle holder. And as I was googling she picked yours! :).
    I’m quite new in crocheting also. Do I need to do slip stich end of each round? Especially the beginner part?

    • Nicole Harris says:

      Gosh, I did this crochet pattern a long time ago. If I remember correctly I just worked around and around and around w/o the slip stitch. If I remember correctly 🙂

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