Hi There, I’m Nicole . . . Welcome to WonkyWonderful!


I am a coffee-dependent busy Mom just trying to make good food and lifestyle choices while juggling whatever life throws my way.

Being a mom, I know how difficult it can be to stick to a healthy eating plan while feeding a family on a hectic schedule.

Whether you are following a Paleo, Whole30, Low Carb diet or just looking to eat healthier . . . I’m here to help you do it. You can depend on my quick, nutritious recipes that will make life easier and healthier.

My goal is to create easy and delicious recipes that the entire family will enjoy. Everyone gets tasty food and Mom sticks to her eating plan. I call it Sneaky Paleo because the family will not know they are eating Paleo or Whole30 unless you choose to tell them.

Many recipes are special diet compliant while others are not but include options to make the recipe work for your eating plan. It’s all about balance, options and variety. That is what is going to make your healthier lifestyle a success.

♥︎ Whole Food For The Whole Family ♥︎

A little backstory about my healthy life transition . . . 

January 2017 I completed a round of Whole30 and not only did I lose weight but more importantly I have never felt better. I am energized, my mood has improved and I even have a bit of a glow. Since then I have stuck to a loose 80/20 Paleo diet.

Once or twice a year I do a serious Whole30 cycle. The rest of the year I live by an 80/20 rule. I strive for 80% Paleo and accept that 20% of the time I’ll be slipping in non-paleo cheats. I don’t think of them as cheats because we all need to enjoy our favorite treat or comfort food from time to time. It will not involve loads of sugar but I can’t live without my beans, oatmeal and occasional yogurt. Honestly though, most of my 20% involves creamy coffee and cocktails! 😆

So while most WonkyWonderful recipes are Whole30/Paleo compliant, there will be some nutritious non-compliant meals too. And maybe a cocktail once in a blue moon.

Cook Life To The Fullest,


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