Gingerbread Spiced Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe

This Gingerbread Spiced Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe is a wonderful way to get cozy on a chilly winter day.  It is also an easy homemade gift idea!

Gingerbread Spiced Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe - Homemade Hot Chocolate -

There is not a more comforting winter beverage than a mug of Gingerbread Spiced Hot Chocolate.  Last year I posted my Malted Chocolate Cocoa Mix Recipe and I loved how simple it was to make homemade hot cocoa.

For this holiday season I wanted to make a cocoa mix with an interesting flavor.  While I was working on my Gingerbread Spice Mix Recipe the idea came to me.

This Gingerbread Spiced Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe is super easy to make.  It is a great last minute homemade gift idea too!

The flavor is unique and blends together quite nicely.  This hot cocoa mix is still rich and chocolaty.  But it has a subtle gingerbread spice flavor in the background.

Two winter treats perfectly combined as one: Hot Cocoa & Gingerbread, a match made in holiday heaven!

Gingerbread Spiced Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe - Homemade Hot Chocolate -

And of course I had to cut marshmallows into little gingerbread men shapes.
Fill a pretty jar with this Gingerbread Spiced Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe, add some marshmallow gingerbread men and a bow for a special homemade gift for loved ones! 

Gingerbread Spiced Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe - Homemade Hot Chocolate -

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Gingerbread Spiced Hot Cocoa Mix
  1. 2 Cups Powdered Sugar
  2. 2 tsp Corn Starch
  3. 1½ Cups Unsweetened Cocoa
  4. 1/2 Cup Coffee-Mate Plain Dry Creamer
  5. 1/2 tsp Salt
  6. 1 Tb Ground Ginger
  7. 1 Tb Ground Cinnamon
  8. 1/2 Tb Ground Cloves
  9. 1/4 tsp Ground Nutmeg
  1. Stir all ingredients together with a whisk or fork until evenly mixed.
  2. Transfer to an airtight jar or container and store in your pantry or cupboard.
Hot Cocoa Preparation
  1. Combine 2-3 Tb Cocoa Mix per 1 cup of hot milk.*
  1. *This mix does not contain powdered milk. It is not meant to be used with water. If you prefer to include powdered milk in your cocoa mixture, add approximately 2 cups powdered milk to the dry cocoa mixture.
Adapted from Alton Brown
Adapted from Alton Brown

Gingerbread Spiced Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe - Homemade Hot Chocolate - 

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  1. Love those little gingerbread men marshmallows! And this hot chocolate sounds SO good!

  2. I love your mini gingerbread man! I want one!

  3. My son is alergic to the protein in milk “casin” so i was wondering if you have tried using hot coconut, almond, cashew, rice, or other non dairy milks with this recipe? I love this idea and would like to make it for my family and friends offering a non dairy substitute.

    • Nicole Harris says:

      Hi Rick! Yes, I make hot cocoa with coconut milk for my daughter (she has a lactose allergy). I think it tastes extra delicious! And this hot cocoa mix recipe does not include dry milk like most other cocoa recipes. Enjoy!

  4. Heather says:

    how long would this last in a mason jar? wanted to make for xmas but didn’t know if it was too far in advanced.

    • Nicole Harris says:

      You’re good, Heather. This mix should last at least several months when sealed in a clean, airtight container.

  5. Maureen says:

    Do you really need all the pwd sugar seems like overkill?

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