Jack Skellington Chocolate Covered Apples


Jack Skellington Chocolate Covered Apples are an easy and impressive Halloween treat!  These are a great alternative to plain candy apples.  Especially if any of your friends or family are The Nightmare Before Christmas fans! 

Jack Skellington Chocolate Covered Apples - Nightmare Before Christmas Candy Apples - Perfect for Halloween!

I had so much fun making these Candy Apples!  And honestly, they turned out way better than I expected them to.

Seriously though, these Chocolate Covered Apples are much simpler to make than they look.  I even melt the white chocolate the lazy way, in the microwave.

The most difficult step is painting on the Jack Skellington face.  And that all depends on your artistic ability.  I haven’t painted in years so this step took me longer than I’d like to admit!

But it was worth that extra effort.  My daughter was beyond thrilled with these Halloween Apples!  Of course, it is no surprise.  Just look at this year’s Halloween costume that she requested.

Jack Skellington Costume

I originally shared her Jack Skellington costume on Instagram.  Any Instagram fans?  Check out WonkyWonderful on Instagram for behind the scenes pics!

White Chocolate Dipped Apples

Just melt the white chocolate and coconut oil in microwave. You’ll want to use a dish or cup that is not much wider than your apples and deep enough to fully submerge the apple.

Homemade Chocolate Dipped Apples

Dip and allow the excess to drip off.

I also cheated a little with the black frosting.  Making dark black frosting can be tricky.  So I bought the Wilton premade frosting and it worked great!

DIY Candy Apples

For these Jack Skellington Chocolate Covered Apples you will need popsicle sticks, black & white striped washi tape, a paint brush and a Jack Skellington reference to look at while painting.  One important thing I learned for next time: make sure to use a fine tip paint brush!

Make Angry Jack or Happy Jack!  The Happy Jack with oval eyes is much easier to paint.

Helpful For This Recipe: {Amazon Affiliate Links}

Wooden Treat Sticks, 100 Pcs

Washi Tape, 10-Yard Each, Black/White

Wilton Black Icing Tube

Jack Skellington Apples

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Jack Skellington Apples
Jack Skellington Chocolate Covered Apples
Servings: 4
Author: WonkyWonderful
  • 4 Apples
  • 2 Cups White Chocolate Morsels
  • 2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil or Shortening**
  • Black Icing
  • 4 Popsicle Sticks
  • Black & White Washi Tape optional
  • Fine Tip Paint Brush
  1. Cover popsicle sticks with washi tape.
  2. Wash and dry apples. Remove stems and insert sticks.
  3. Melt white chocolate and oil/shortening in microwave. Stir every 20-30 seconds. Heat until almost smooth (about 1 minute) then stir vigorously until all chocolate is melted.(You’ll want to use a dish or cup that is not much wider than your apples and deep enough to fully submerge the apple.)
  4. Let melted chocolate cool for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Dip and allow the excess to drip off.
  6. Transfer to plate covered with wax paper. Immediately transfer apples to refrigerator. (To prevent chocolate puddles at base, spin apples after refrigerating for 2-3 minutes. This will remove the excess chocolate at bottom.)
  7. Once chocolate has fully cooled (5-10 minutes) dip in melted chocolate one more time, repeating process.
  8. After second chocolate coating has fully cooled, begin painting the Jack Skellington face.
  9. Use a fine tip brush for painting.
Recipe Notes
*Chocolate Covered Apples are a messy treat. The chocolate will break apart while eating. You have been warned*
**edited 10/2015
Jack Skellington Chocolate Covered Apples - Nightmare Before Christmas Candy Apples - Perfect for Halloween!

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  1. These are so stinkin awesome!! I love this idea!

  2. These are so creative! Love that she wanted to be Jack for Halloween.

    • Nicole Harris says:

      Thanks Barbara! I’m just happy that she chose a costume that I don’t have to make this year 😀

  3. These are so cute. I bet my kids would love them even though they’re older. This is wicked cool.

  4. Where can I get Black and White Washi Tape?

    • Nicole Harris says:

      Hi Donna! I found the black and white washi tape at Target in the Halloween section.

  5. I think I can do this… Thanks for sharing Nicole.. I’ll be reading other post later.

  6. Hello,

    This is a lovely recipe! So lovely that I just had to include it in my roundup of “Best Halloween Party Desserts” blog post I think guests of any Halloween party will enjoy this dessert so much! Check out the post!

    The Petite Bijou

  7. I also try to do this… It’s really amazing, and keep sharing.

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