Pucker Up for Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

What is better than a bowl full of glistening, fragrant, yellow lemons?  An ice cold, tart and refreshing glass of Lemonade!
I have been lemonade obsessed for the last few weeks.  It all started with a large cup of natural lemonade from our local farmers market.  Unfortunately, our farmers market is only open Saturday mornings.  So, I started making my own fresh lemonade that is simple and healthy.


8 Lemons – Juiced
1 cup Water
8 Tbl Sweetener of choice
(I use a xylitol based sweetener)

This recipe will produce 2-3 large glasses of lemonade depending on your proportions.

lemonade fixins (2)

First juice your lemons, I ended up with almost two cups of juice.  If you don’t have a juicing tool I suggest lightly pounding your lemons with a hammer or flat meat tenderizer before cutting them.  This will loosen the juices and make it easier to squeeze by hand.Next, heat the water either by stove top or microwave and stir in sweetener until dissolved.  Cool in the fridge or add a couple ice cubes if you are as inpatient as I am.The last step is mixing the lemon juice and sweetened water until the combination pleases your palate.  Add more sweetener if you prefer or plain water for mild lemonade.  My concoction is 2/3 lemon juice to 1/3 sweetener …WARNING… my lemonade will pucker you from your head down to your toes!




Pour into a glass filled with ice and enjoy the Fruits of your labor.

Don’t forget to reserve those lemon peels for your amazing Lemon Vinegar Cleaner!


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