Olive Tapenade – Easy Appetizer

Anyone looking for an easy appetizer for holiday gatherings, look no further.  This Olive Tapenade packs a punch of flavor and is simple to prepare.

Olive Tapenade Easy Appetizer

My favorite part of the holiday meal is not dessert or the main course, I love the appetizers!  I could just eat appetizers for the rest of my life and die happy.  So many different flavors, textures and aromas to choose from.

A little of this and a little of that and then a little more of this.  That is how I like to enjoy my appetizers.

This Olive Tapenade is definitely an easy appetizer to add to your lineup.  With a blend of olives, roasted garlic and lemon it will please all of the folks that love a salty-briny combo.  I could eat this on everything!  It tastes wonderful on crusty bread, crackers, with a cheese platter or on a sandwich.

Because there are so few ingredients in this olive spread I suggest splurging a little and buying good quality olives.  I use Trader Joe’s Greek Olive Medley (spanish and manzanilla olive blend).  I tried making it with pimento stuffed green olives and it turned out way too salty!

Olive Tapenade Easy Appetizer

The most difficult part of this recipe is pitting the olives and roasting the garlic.  The first part is easy if you have an olive pitter.  I love the one that I use, check it out here: {affiliate link} Olive/Cherry Pitter.

Roasting garlic is no problem either.  Take a peek at my tutorial: How To Roast Garlic.

Then make this tasty Olive Tapenade for your holiday meals, gameday parties, family gatherings or girl’s night!

Olive Tapenade Easy Appetizer

Olive Tapenade Easy Appetizer
Olive Tapenade
Author: WonkyWonderful
  • 1 Cup Greek Olives drained & pitted
  • Juice of 1/2 a Lemon zest optional
  • 3 Tb Olive Oil good quality
  • 4 Cloves Roasted Garlic How To Roast Garlic
  • 2-3 Leaves of Flat Leaf Parsley optional
  • Salt/Pepper To Taste
  1. Blend all ingredients in food processor until desired consistency.
  2. Serve chilled or at room temperature.
Recipe Notes
This recipe yields approximately 1 cup of Olive Tapenade.

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  1. Omg I love Olivie tapenade and apart from the garlic I have everything growing in the garden I’m with you on the appetisers too although I’m pretty keen on dessert 😉 pinned!

  2. I love olive tepenade Nicole! I will eat it on anything and then mix leftovers in pasta! Yum!

    • Nicole Harris says:

      Oh, I’ll have to remember the pasta tip! I love tapenade on my sandwiches. Have a great weekend!

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