Candy Corn Berries

Today I am sharing one of my 11:00pm spontaneous treats.  This has been happening a lot lately.  About the time I should be going to sleep, I decide to whip up something sweet for the kiddos the next day.
Usually it is some sort of chocolate covered marshmallow or cookie on a stick.  But, this time I had some strawberries that needed to get used.  So I dug out a bag of white chocolate, my gel food colors and decided to make Candy Corn Berries!  
These turned out cute and the kids loved them so much that I decided to share.  Also, this is a super simple special Halloween treat.  Just melt, color, dip, done.I was making mine for toddlers, so I just slopped the white chocolate onto the strawberries.  If you want to take a little extra time and care when applying the chocolate coating these could look really amazing.
First prepare your strawberries, make sure they are clean and dry.  The chocolate measurement below is enough to coat approximately 6 strawberries.Mix 1/2 cup White Chocolate Chips with 1/2 tsp Coconut Oil in a glass bowl.  Melt chocolate in the microwave, stop and stir every 15 seconds or so until smooth.Reserve a Tb of the plain melted white chocolate in a separate bowl.  Then add yellow food coloring to the remaining chocolate.  Coat the entire strawberry with the yellow chocolate.  I found the white chocolate to be thicker than my usual melted dark chocolate.  So, I used a small spoon to smear the chocolate where I needed it.Once all the strawberries have been coated with yellow, place into freezer for 1-2 minutes to chill.  While waiting for the first coating to set mix orange food coloring in with the yellow chocolate.

Coat the middle of the strawberry with the orange color then dip the tips into the plain white chocolate that was reserved in the beginning.  You may need to melt the white chocolate in the microwave again before dipping the strawberry tips.  Place in the fridge or freezer for another 1-2 minutes to chill again.

#CandyCorn Berries -

Now you are ready to go Candy Corn Crazy!Pass out these Candy Corn Berries to your kiddos and they will be Amazed!  Plus, unlike most Halloween treats these at least contain fruit under all that sugar.
Win – Win  . . . Right?
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  1. These are so cute and festive, I love dipped strawberries!!

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