Yours Truly


Hi There, I’m Nicole . . . Welcome to WonkyWonderful!

I am the Mother of an amazing, creative, hilarious and exhausting little girl named Birdie.  We live in beautiful Northern California.  Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and picturesque sparkling lakes.  Yes, I am a lucky girl.

I am your average food obsessed gal, always thinking about my next tasty bite.  Plotting and planning new and creative ways to prepare food for my family.

I began cooking homemade meals when I had my daughter.  I wanted to give her the best start to a balanced life and a healthy relationship with food.  It is also important that she develops an appreciation for food and the effort that goes into making home cooked meals.

I always thought that I hated to cook.  After I began experimenting in the kitchen and creating my own dishes I realized that I had been wrong all those years.  I didn’t hate to cook, I hated following recipes!  Not only do I absolutely love to cook; I have become extremely passionate about food, ingredients and the preparation.  I get so much joy from developing original recipes, photographing beautiful food and sharing my creations with my loved ones.

I hope you decide to join me on my Wonky and Wonderful journey . . . and find something inspiring along the way.