Nutella &

Hand Pie


- Pillsbury Pie Crusts - Cherry Preserves - Nutella - Egg

For the hand pies

For the glaze

- Powdered Sugar - Hot Water

1. Let the crusts warm to room temp. 2. Cut shapes into crust. 3. Place the shapes on baking sheet. 4. Add Nutella to the crusts and top with perserves. 


5. Brush with egg wash. 6. Add top crust. 7. Bake for 10 minutes. 8. Prepare glaze. 9. Drizzle glaze on hand pies. Enjoy!


Give these homemade hand pies as gifts to daycare workers, teachers, friends, or neighbors.

Keep hand pies in an airtight container and they will last 3-4 days. 


- Strawberry Jam - Chocolate Pieces - Sprinkles - Chopped Nuts - Coconut

Cut hand pies into different shapes to enjoy for various occasions.