Cooking Filet Mignon in a Cast Iron Pan is the easiest way.  Pan-seared filet mignon gets finished off in the oven for a great outer crust and juicy, tender inside.  Top with herbs and butter for the ultimate steak dinner recipe.

Filet Mignon


Kosher Salt


Fresh Thyme or Rosemary



Pat dry & Salt room temp steaks

Preheat oven to 400ºF

Place Filet Mignon  into hot pan

Sear 2-3 min on both  sides

Top with Butter & Herbs

Cooking to


Transfer to Oven  for 3-6mins

Rare: 125-130º F Medium Rare: 135º F Medium: 140-145º F Medium Well: 155º F Well Done: 160-165º F

Check the


Pat your steaks dry with a paper towel to remove any moisture. Take your steaks out to sit at room temp 30-60 minutes before cooking. Salt your steaks generously. Get that pan hot before adding the steaks.

How To Get A Good Sear On Your Steak

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