Strawberry and Cream No Cook Oatmeal

  Strawberry and Cream No Cook Oatmeal will get you started off right this year.  These nutritious overnight oats are a healthy and flavorful breakfast! Who's a party animal?  Not … [Read more...]

Skinny Mini Strawberry Pie Bites

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Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bites with Kool-Aid Beverage

  Cool off with these Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bites! Fresh fruit coated in Greek yogurt flavored with Kool-Aid beverage mix.  It is a sweet and refreshing snack recipe. These Frozen … [Read more...]

Strawberry Lemonade and Blueberry Tea with Keurig

There is no better way to cool off on a hot summer day than a refreshing sip of Strawberry Lemonade or Blueberry Iced Tea!  Now both drinks can be made quickly and easily with the Keurig Brew … [Read more...]

Vanilla Pudding Dairy Free Dessert Recipe

  Enjoy a light summer treat with this Dairy Free Dessert Recipe.  This vegan, dairy free vanilla pudding is perfect with fresh fruit and super easy to make!  Pair with strawberries … [Read more...]

Summer Dessert Recipe – Eggo Waffle Wednesdays!

For a unique Summer Dessert Recipe, start your barbeque!  Crisp Eggo® waffles grilled to perfection.  Paired with grilled strawberries and pineapple.  Don't forget the chocolate sauce … [Read more...]

Berry Smoothie Recipe

This Legen (wait for it) Berry Smoothie is bursting with flavor!  It will energize you and give you a boost to start your day.  But it tastes so great that you will forget that it is … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Dessert Chocolate and Strawberry Bowl

This gluten free dessert is healthy, satisfying and full of flavor.  Quinoa, strawberries and chocolate hazelnut drizzle come together for one perfect bite! I love the versatility of quinoa. … [Read more...]

White Chocolate Whipped Cream Dip

Try this White Chocolate Whipped Cream Dip for an easy yet indulgent twist on Strawberries and Cream.  With just 2 ingredients, anyone can make this dessert dip! After I made my Egg Free … [Read more...]

Roasted Strawberry Quinoa with Balsamic Glaze

This Roasted Strawberry Quinoa with Balsamic Glaze and Crème Fraîche is the perfect balance of sweet and savory. I am absolutely in love with the flavor of roasted fruit.  All roasted … [Read more...]