Beet Juice Recipe

Never would I have thought that I would be posting a Beet Juice Recipe.  But this juice blend of beet, apple, orange, lime and ginger tastes amazing!

No Really, It’s Good!

Beet Juice Recipe with Orange, Lime, Apple and Ginger - Healthy - Juice Cleanse -

I’m a big fan of beets so it isn’t too surprising that I like this juice.  My mom loathes the taste of beets.  She reluctantly sampled this beet juice and said “It’s not bad”.  That means this Beet Juice Recipe must be delicious!

I’ve never been into the juicing fad.  I like to eat . . . as in chew food.

Also, juicers are expensive and I am cheap.  Luckily my little brother scored a Jack LaLanne Juicer for 15 bucks at a garage sale.  We juiced everything in site! {we are easily entertained}

Of all the juice concoctions that we made, this Beet Juice Recipe was my favorite.

Drink To Your Health!

Beet Juice Recipe with Orange, Lime, Apple and Ginger - Healthy - Juice Cleanse -

If you are too cheap to buy a juicer too, no worries.  I have found a few tutorials that explain how to make juice without one.

Juicing with a Blender & Cheesecloth by Brit+Co
Juicing with a Blender & Strainer by The ChalkBoard Mag

If you do own a juicer, hopefully you are more skilled at using it than I am.

My kitchen looked like a crime scene from the show Dexter after I was done making this Beet Juice.  Yikes!

Beet Juice Recipe with Orange, Lime, Apple and Ginger - Healthy - Juice Cleanse -

Tips & Tricks For Juicing:

Safe Juicing Tips by Best For Juicing
Common Juicing Mistakes by FoodBabe

Beet Juice Recipe with Orange, Lime, Apple and Ginger - Healthy - Juice Cleanse -

I made this juice with beets, beet greens, cuties, lime, apples and ginger.  Since making this batch I have started adding carrots as well.  The carrots add a little extra sweetness as well as nutrition.

Beet Juice Recipe with Orange, Lime, Apple and Ginger - Healthy - Juice Cleanse -

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Ginger Beet Juice
  1. 2 Small Beets (1.5 lbs) & the Beet Greens
  2. 2 Large Apples (the sweeter the better)
  3. 1 Small Lime
  4. 2 Cuties, Clementines or Halos
  5. 1 Piece Fresh Ginger (about the size of your thumb)
  6. 1-2 Carrots (optional)
  1. Thoroughly wash all of the produce.
  2. Slice the clementines and lime in half. I left the peel on, but feel free to remove the peel if you prefer.
  3. Quarter the apples and the beets.
  4. Cut the carrots into manageable chunks.
  5. Put all of the ingredients into the juicer according to the manufacturer instructions.
  6. Juice the beets last to prevent clogging.
  7. Serve the juice cold over ice.
  1. This recipe yields approximately 3-4 cups of juice.
Beet Juice Recipe with Orange, Lime, Apple and Ginger - Healthy - Juice Cleanse -

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  1. This sounds amazing! I love the earthy tones in beets, but I never thought to make juice out of it. I’m definitely doing to give this a try!

    • Nicole Harris says:

      Thanks Gillian! Yeah, beets are either a love it or hate it type of ingredient.

  2. Well, this would be another first for me. Veggies just were not my thing as a kid and I’m paying for it now. I did buy some juice for my kiddo that has beets in it. She likes it and I think it’s great.

    • Nicole Harris says:

      I’m sort of in the middle on vegetables. I don’t love them or hate them. My daughter loves veggies! She requested broccoli soup for her birthday dinner and is always begging me for beets 🙂

  3. nathasha albrecht says:

    Well, at least I gave it a try… sorry. Hated it. Definetly not into beets, otherwise the recipe would be perfect 😉

    • Nicole Harris says:

      Awww well, at least you are the type of person that will give it a try. I’ll try anything at least once because you just never know what you’re going to like. I will be posting some ‘Non-Beet’ Juice Recipes soon. Just for you, Natasha 😀

  4. Oh wow, Nic…this juice is GORGEOUS! I’m a huge fan of beets, so I’ll definitely be trying it soon!

  5. My wife loves juicing… I’m going to have to show her this recipe!

  6. Gonna have to give this beet juice
    A try…it looks so vibrant and refreshing.
    I definitely love beets and my mom makes
    A great side dish with beet greens wilted and sautéed
    In olive oil & butter….so guess its finally time to juice
    me some beets since ive got such a yummy recipe now.
    Thanks Nicole :o)

  7. Hi. Just wondering if you cooked the beets first or if they need to be raw?

    • Nicole Harris says:

      Hi Susan! I juiced the beets raw. If you are using a juicer raw should work fine. If you are blending and straining, you could partially cook the beets to make it easier to puree. Enjoy!

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